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Shed Price List | Cheap sheds wigan.

Shed Price List 2021

Garden Sheds

Timber Shed Bearers

Apex and Pent sheds are the same prices

Buy your new garden shed from an established garden shed manufacturer that provides every customer with quality wooden sheds at highly competitive prices

Garden Shed Prices Wigan

Size FtOur Best Price
4′ x 4′£399
5′ x 4′£419
5′ x 5′£Call us
6′ x 4′£449
6′ x 5′£479
6′ x 6′£499
7′ x 4′£479
7′ x 5′£499
7′ x 6′£529
7′ x 7′£Call us
8′ x 4′£549
8′ x 5′£569
8′ x 6′£589
8′ x 7′£Call us
8′ x 8′£Call us
9′ x 4′£599
9′ x 5′£619
9′ x 6′£639
9′ x 7′£Call us
9′ x 8′£Call us
10′ x 4′£709
10′ x 5′£729
10′ x 6′£749
10′ x 7′£Call us
10′ x 8′£Call us
12′ x 4′£839
12′ x 5′£859
12' x 6'£879
12′ x 7′£Call us
12′ x 8′£Call us

Pressure Treated Sheds

Please ring for availability

Pressure Treated: External floor frame, floorboards, and cladding
Untreated Timber: Internal frame and roof boards

Shed bearers

Size FeetOur Best PriceOur Best Price
4′ x 4′£15£15
5′ x 4′£19£19
5′ x 5′£24£24
6′ x 4′£23£23
6′ x 5′£29£29
6′ x 6′£35£35
7′ x 4′£27£27
7′ x 5′£34£34
7′ x 6′£40£40
7′ x 7′£47£47
8′ x 4′£31£31
8′ x 5′£38£38
8′ x 6′£46£46
8′ x 7′£54£54
8′ x 8′£62£62
9′ x 4′£35£35
9′ x 5′£43£43
9′ x 6′£52£52
9′ x 7′£61£61
9′ x 8′£69£69
10′ x 4′£38£38
10′ x 5′£48£48
10′ x 6′£58£58
10′ x 7′£67£67
10′ x 8′£77£77
12′ x 4′£46£46
12′ x 5′£58£58
12′ x 6′£69£69
12′ x 7′£81£81
12′ x 8′£92£92

Garden shed extras

Internal PanelRing us
Extra Single Door£30
Wide Door£30
Double Doors£50
Extra Window*£10
Single Extra Windows* Only applies if a shed has more than two windows.

You are Welcome

Visit our shed manufacturing factory near Wigan

We would love to meet you and help you choose your ideal shed.

Choose a starting point and google maps will plan your route

Opens a link in a new tab

Phone us to order a Shed

Please confirm the following

Your full name.
Your full address.
A contact Telephone number.
Size of the shed.
Type of roof
Window choice. No Windows 2. Security windows 3. Full-size windows
Do you require timber bearers?
Looking from the outside is the door hinged on the left, or right?

If possible. A shed reference number
Apex shed reference number

Pent shed reference number

Payment options:
Cash or Cheque. Paid in full once the shed is assembled in your garden

Shed Price List

Shed Price Checker

Sheds made or supplied from other companies are checked by us every month
Why do we do this?
We look at the price and quality.
Our knowledge of the industry is extensive, so if a garden shed comes onto the market with a similar price of the same quality we investigate and find out why.

We never cut corners to achieve a better shed price
Low prices achieved by hard work
Materials bought from trusted sources to keep shed prices very
Being loyal to those contacts ensures we buy raw materials at the best price passing those savings on to our customers.

We listen to our customers however we also offer our experience and extensive knowledge to assist and help you select the right garden shed

Our continuing aim is to make high-quality garden sheds

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